Get to know your new Screbl Pal

Screbl Pal knows about 454,000 official English SOWPODS & TWL words, which are all embedded in the app. You do not need an Internet connection to query. Entering the tiles can be done in a very user-friendly way without the hassle of filling multiple input fields, using wildcards, and other strange characters. Just select your tiles, hit search and Screbl Pal shows you the best possible combinations.

Screbl Pal helps you win


Are you tired of always losing? Finally beat that smart friend!
No More words-inspiration? Learn many new words easily.
afraid of the JXQZ? Screbl Pal just knocks them off.

Or just use Screbl Pal as a helping hand during moments of Scrabble™ fatigue.

What can be entered?


Screbl Pal is very user-friendly. All you have to do is to place some tiles. Screbl Pal lets you enter a part of, or an entire row of the Scrabble board where you want to place your tiles. (up to 15 tiles, either horizontally or vertically). Then you enter all the tiles on your rack, including blanks. Hit the search button and Screbl Pal returns the best possible combinations.

What is Screbl Pal searching for?


Screb Pal thinks about a lot of things. Using tiles for extending words, combining two or more words into a new word. Furthermore Screbl Pal can handle one or more blank tiles, the available free squares to the edges of the board and more. The result is neatly sorted with the longest words at the top



Screbl Pal does make use of two official wordlists. For US English the TWL list is used. For international English the SOWPODS list is used. You can choose a wordlist in the settings screen. There is a possibility that Screbl Pal results are not accepted by for example Wordfeud. This could be the result of changes made by Wordfeud.

Screbl Pal specifications


Screbl Pal knows the following tricks:

  • User-friendly input
  • two list with over 454,000 words
  • No internet connection needed to work
  • A complete row (15 squares) can be entered
  • Extends, combines, matches and fits.
  • All tiles on the rack can be entered
  • Can handle more than one blank
  • Knows a lot of words containing J, X, Q and Z

Feedback en Questions


We do our best to continuously improve Screbl Pal, by adding handy features. Let us know what you would like to see added, and we include it in the next update!

Mail your questions, tips en suggestions to feedback[at]

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